Blog, “SCHMOG”…I CAN do it!

July 1, 2008

Often times in our businesses we KNOW we should know something about a subject and everyone is talking about it, but we decide we don’t “want to look foolish” if it doesn’t receive adequate fanfare or if we do it wrong! (UGH!)

This is what I felt about blogging and I have a couple quick tips to help ease the pain. This post is not about WHY you should or HOW it can help your business, but just a “Primer” on getting your feet wet and how to get started.

1. Try blogging for fun, an interest you may have, your kids ball team, church group or a hobby you like.

Then you can blog as yourself and there are no judgments placed on your business sense, it is just you talking to other people and learning how it works.

2. It is easy to start by reading other people’s content and comment on those topics, a good way to get your feet wet!

If you feel comfortable voicing your opinion about a topic, go for it. News sites, WABI.TV for example has blogs and it is an easy way to learn how it works. Like or dislike something covered or how it is covered?  You can participate in the process.

3. For a cool instructional video on setting up your own blog using the free software, Blogger click here, Blogger instuctions

Then GO FOR IT!!  Have fun with it.

Sooner than you know you can be a subject matter expert in your field and get free advertising and customers from all over the world!!

If all else fails – ask your kids or grandkids they know how to do it all!! (eeek!)


Kelly's been known as the Marketing Maven since before the term was hip. (That means she's old.) As a natural Community Builder, she loves to get people together, bring resources to the table and solve problems!

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