Changes to our hosting environment

April 9, 2010

We wanted to let you know about a change we’ll be making to our hosting environment over the next few months and how it will affect the sites we host. Remember, each site on the Internet is hosted – or stored – on a server computer, and whenever someone visits a site, the computer where the site is hosted sends the page to the visitor’s web browser so that they can see the page.  Most of the sites we develop here at Sephone are hosted on Sephone Managed Servers.

What’s changing and why

Since our inception in 2001, we have owned and managed our own datacenter in Maine. Most of our clients host with us, and some host elsewhere, and that’s o.k.!   Today we have two hosting environments for our sites, one here in Orono, Maine and the other at another datacenter through another service provider that we trust explicitly.   Over the next several months we’ll be moving the sites and email from our Orono datacenter to our other environment.

We’re doing this for a couple of reasons. Our #1 reason is pretty simple: we want to do everything we can to make sure your site serves as fast and as reliably as possible. By using a separate service for hosting, we partner with a devoted team of people who continue to ensure that your site is up and running all day, every day. We’re also able to use some advanced tools to make sure everything is serving correctly, and if something does happen, we can normally resolve the problem much more quickly. Finally, our tests have shown that sites serving at the new location are as responsive or serve much more quickly thanks to the additional resources available.  And if you need more space or computing power, we can more readily accommodate your sites needs.

What this means for your site…  It’s all good!

We’ll be moving sites and email from Orono to our new environment between now and July.  We’ll update our Status Dashboard at with dates and times of upcoming moves as we migrate our servers between environments.

There may be a short amount of downtime on some servers as we move each one.  But, as we will be doing most of the moves during off-peak hours and will provide updates on the Status Dashboard as we work., we’ll try to limit downtime as much as possible during the process.

As always, if you have any concerns – or if you would like more information about this change – please contact us via our support center or give us a call. We’ll do everything we can to provide you with the best answer we can.

Sephone has and always will be a solutions provider.  Our solutions are software based and they all need a place to live.  Owning a datacenter is nice, but managing  the hardware isn’t nor is it necessary.   That’s why we decided to reconsider where we want our services like,,,,, (,,,, & more coming),  and; that you have become to depend on to reside here too.   This move allows us to focus on our software development – and leave the hardware maintenance in the hands of those who focus on that.

Rest assured, Sephone is very involved in the operations of the environment, we are able to manage the servers and respond to conditions as needed. Your sites are your business and we are committed to providing the best environment possible.  The biggest difference is that we are not the first to respond to networking, routing, A/C, power and other hardware failures that may happen.  This is the responsibility of dedicated partner resources who are on-site 24x7x365 and are committed to US to provide the best environment possible!

Sephone has and will maintain a presence in Orono to support existing co-location clients who manage their own servers and bandwidth.  We provide remote hands services and space in these cases and no changes in these agreements are to be experienced.

Lastly- this is a growing trend.  Most design and development firms in the area (& the U.S.)  have done this already or are also going through the same steps.  With companies like RackSpace and Amazon making highly accessible and robust facilities available where it is extremely efficient in both time and costs to scale up capacity- there is no doubt this is a good move for Sephone and our clients.  Beginning our 10th year and looking forward to the next 10, Sephone is excited for what is in store for us and our clients.


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