And you thought SPAM was the worst thing about email?

June 11, 2010

For those of us that are “40 something,”  you remember what life was like before email.  I remember the first email I ever sent was to my boss (back in the 90’s).  Once I sent it, I got up from my desk, walked across the building to his office and we sat and waited for it to arrive.  Both of us looked at one another and said…”You have got to be kidding me, this is supposed to be faster than a phone call or a fax?”  Well unlike him, I knew in my heart of hearts this email thing wasn’t going to go away. He kept saying to me, “Cotiaux, this internet thing is another marketing fad.”  Now we still giggle about it when we catch up with each other a few times a year – the old fashioned way.  By PHONE, and now that has changed to, it is by CELL phone!

So email consumes us and with good connectivity it arrives instantly at its intended destination.  And then there is SPAM! SPAM you may not have known you asked for by subscribing to a newsletter and SPAM that you never asked for in the first place!

But where is this all going?  Do you want all your emails going to your blackberry (or other smart phone?)  Our clients send me large files that can be completely unusable to see on my blackberry so why do it?  AND sometimes I need thinking time for when people ask me questions and I need to talk to others in order to answer it.  These people (our team at Sephone),  don’t work 24/7 they actually have a life!

Is it really that important to be THAT available to EVERYONE you know in all facets of your life ALL the time (weekends, holidays, etc.) ? AND how do the people you are WITH physically all the time feel when you are constantly looking down, checking that flashing red light?  It is only going to get worse.

Then when you reply to those emails from your phone, are you really saying it how you really want it to be received? Or  you may not have your glasses on, you feel rushed to respond with an incomplete answer and have to go back and redo it and in the meantime you have an email out there that is misspelled and maybe not really what you meant it to say.  All in the name of our 24 hour “news” cycle! “We’ve come a long way baby,”right?

The solution is different for everybody.  But managing IT without IT managing YOU is the biggest challenge.  I struggle with it all the time.  In fact I find if I lose my blackberry or have a poor signal (we are in Maine after all),  I feel pretty stressed AND I don’t have all my email going to it!  I am really trying hard not to be run by technology.

What are your thoughts and ideas?

Would love to hear (and share) them!


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