Did you know you may be asking for trouble?

August 17, 2010

You, your friends, your kids, pretty much everybody you know has a cell phone. There are 500 million users on FB and a bunch on Twitter and endless other social networks that can all post in multiple places at once.  So what you may be sharing to your FRIENDS on Facebook may cross over to other accounts that you may not realize, showing your personal business to the internet audience.  Or more importantly, your kids may be doing it.

We are big proponents of Social Media and cell phones and we have posted many things on this blog that encourages people to use these tools.  We tell people to “Try it, you’ll like it.” How you can build your business, reconnect with friends, stuff like that.  Maybe you haven’t started, maybe your kids have-so please listen to this.

Whether you know it or not, a cell phone can be a “spy” and can track your every move if you let it.  I am not going to repeat all the great posts I have read about this, but I will link a few here so you can read what they have said better than I can. From the Daily BeastI LOVED this post! It tells it all.

If you are telling people where you are and what you are doing using applications like foursquare or twitter others can know where you are or where you are NOT.  Like you aren’t at home and you are taking a family vacation — this is a great way to get your home broken into -did you know your phone may tag a location where you took the picture if you have the right (or wrong) setting?

I Can Stalk U really is a wake up call and it has very helpful tips with multiple cell phone interfaces so you can disable the most often default geotagging features.

We aren’t saying don’t use social media sites or your cell phone, we aren’t saying be AFRAID of social media sites.  Heck, we use them all the time, but just keep in mind what you provide and that you may be providing it to more people than you thought you were – and if you have kids at home, they maybe providing information to a predator.  Predators know how to use these tools better than you do and certainly bring a whole new level to “stranger danger.”


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