Profiles, Profiles, Profiles, Who are YOU online?

September 5, 2010

My previous post was about using Google like your customers (potential and existing) do – to check you and your business out.  But I have been  thinking I may have gotten it out of order.

Another Lesson On Google

Another Lesson On Google

Here is an attempt to help in how you may speak for yourself when Google comes looking for you.  You also may want to think about this when it comes to your children also.

Online Profiles are important.

Here are 3 tips to help keep things under control:

#1.  Keep track of where you have Profiles listed-on paper, maybe tacked to your bulletin board.
They often include:

  • A photo (the “cool kids” all call them Avatars)
  • A description – who you are what you stand for, what products you sell.
  • Contact Information.

#2. Check these frequently. Update when necessary and update them all or at least look at them all to make sure they are accurate.

#3. Review your privacy settings.

These all may seem to be simple, very simple things.  But lately many of the most popular social media sites, which where your profiles are, change the privacy settings and can start sharing things you didn’t plan on.  Or better yet, many of these social media sites “cross-pollinate” one another.  It is easy to miss that you have allowed that to happen, or that you may need to go “check” (or “uncheck”) some box so your political tweets don’t show up on your Linked-In Account. You may not want everybody in your office to know that you are on Unfortunately, they don’t change your Profiles for you, they just may report entries that you made in regard to status.

The more things you sign up for and as your eyes glaze over trying to read the Acceptable Use Policy which also includes THEIR Acceptable Use of YOUR information, you just check the box and little did you know, “all hell broke loose.”   So looking at this information is really important and keeping track of all these sites can be unmanageable, overwhelming and frustrating if you don’t have a list somewhere other than inside your computer.

We don’t post things like this to scare you.  We post these things to inform you.  Once you have gone through it once or twice, you will see, it isn’t all that bad and you will be the person or business both Google and YOU like on the internet!


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