Sephone launches “virtual” working environment better connects employees and customers!

October 7, 2010

Sephone’s movement into its first decade in business by bold reinvention.

We are still a web development company, we are still a web design company, we still are a web marketing company, but as we enter into our first decade in business, we need to make sure we are doing things in the best way that increases efficiency and productivity as well as to best serve our customers for today and tomorrow.  Technology has changed everything.

“Our traditional brick and mortar office space was often empty,” says President Joe DiStefano, “customers were requesting us to see them in their businesses while our developers and designers were working from home and feeling the most productive.”

Because of this frequency of collaborating on line and increased productivity, Sephone developed a series of tools so they could work more effectively in this new, non-traditional environment.  What they didn’t write themselves, they collaborated with developers globally (also on line) to integrate existing tools into our daily work.

Some of these tools include – secure chat areas, calltracking and paging, task generation and work flow management.  Sephone also has a product (mySephone) for their clients that allows them a “Dashboard” type experience, where they have access to their account information, tips and tricks and a support ticket system.  A live chat feature is still in development and expected to be released in the next month.

DiStefano said, “We know working as a ‘virtual’ company is a bold step, but developing innovative tools and offering them for sale to our clients is what we do.  When clients can save money and increase their productivity, in these times it needs to happen. When we actually develop and design and USE these tools ourselves, we know what problems they solve for other companies.”

Social Media and web marketing is also core to Sephone’s business as described on their website.  But with Social Media, clients meet, outline expectations and those activities also are often performed remotely or at the clients office.  These meetings are more convenient for the client, because they don’t have to build in travel time for the meetings.

When asked if there is still a phone number to call, DiStefano says, “Well of course, Alexander Graham Bell was the founder of remote technology, wasn’t he?  Our telephone number still is 207.262.5040.”  And stay tuned for the launch of our new website next week!


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