Why you should be doing Social Media

February 2, 2012

Every once and a while we run into clients that have little interest in taking advantage of social media. Either they think it’s a waste of time or it’s a set it and forget it type thing. Over the next few weeks, we are going to try to write a few posts about real world actually use of social media with genuine examples of tangible yield.

Traffic Sources to this Blog

Here is an image with the traffic sources to this blog over the last little bit.

traffic sources

Just to review what is in that image, this is where the traffic to this blog comes from. In the selected time frame, there were 376 visitors to this blog overall and the image shows where all 376 come from. From those visitors they viewed 743 pages.

  • t.co is twitter and is 20% of traffic and look at the page views a visit and time spend on site, higher than the others
  • google / organic is from google search results and also 20% of traffic but one of the lowest page views a visit and time spent on site.
  • (direct) / (none) is typing in blog.sephone.com (and maybe from a link in an email client) and 16% of  traffic but very low page views and time spent on site.
  • sephone.com is from our home page, which has content from this blog on it, and is 15% of traffic and a high page views and time spent on site.
  • facebook is from facebook obviously and around 10% with decent page views and time spent on site.
  • google.com / referral is around 5% of traffic and is largely our rss feed
  • The other 18 are all less then 5%.

So when you look at the origin of traffic as well as what is paying the most page views a visit and time spent on site, social media is a huge part of traffic to this site.


Alan has been creating websites since CompuServe was huge. Today he still is developing websites using technologies such as CSS3, HTML5, jQuery and CakePHP.

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