Five reasons to be a social media early bird

February 17, 2012

All Attempts to Land Against the Wind Have Failed....

We’ve been talking a lot lately about some of the social networks you might not have tried: Foursquare, Yelp, Google+… and we’ll talk about another new one next week. There’s a lot happening in the social media space, and we know it can get a little overwhelming.

We like to let you know about these new sites so that you have the option to explore them early. Being an early adopter (one of the first people or businesses to use a service) can bring some big benefits to your company.

Let’s look at five of our favorite perks for being a social media early bird.

  1. Freedom to experiment. The first users of a social network are often the ones to shape how the network grows. #Hashtags and @replies on Twitter started as user ideas, for example. The early period of a network is when its users really feel free to try new things, and other early adopters are usually more receptive and sympathetic if a campaign or post doesn’t work as expected.
  2. A rich history. If a site becomes popular over time, it’s helpful to have a long list of posts that users who join later can browse. It helps your company become a respected source for information on that network.
  3. Community kinship. Early adopters on a site feel a sense of camaraderie; they’ll often stick together and feel a sense of pride about how long they’ve used a service. It’s a level of support that can be tough to match.
  4. A new group of fans. It seems obvious, but planting your company on a different network gives you the opportunity to reach a different set of people. Those that do know you can tell others about your business, and those who don’t have a new chance to learn.
  5. Experience to share. If you have a long history on a site, your experiences there make great fodder for blog posts as the network’s popularity grows (“Lessons learned from three years on Facebook”) or other forms of PR (“Coming up: hear from one local business about how they’ve increased their sales using Foursquare”).

We don’t post about all these networks to burden you with lots of new things to check or do. Our goal is to keep you informed about the options you have for communicating with your customers online. If you already feel like your social plate is too full, that’s fine – but playing around with a new site has the potential to be a huge boost for your business.

Thanks to Dionne Hartnett for sharing the photo in this post with a Creative Commons license!


Justin is a web and mobile developer at Sephone. He's interested in user-driven design, social media, and web services. He also enjoys learning and exploring new ways for businesses and people to use the web.

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