For Immediate Release: Free mobile app for Android and iPhone users helps BAT Community Connector riders

March 30, 2012

A local business has released a new smartphone app aimed to help Bangor area bus riders. The Community Connector app features complete route and schedule information, and it even shows the nearest stops from a user’s current location.

The app is available for free on Google’s new Google Play store and on the App Store for iPhone.

University of Maine graduate student Jennifer Hooper approached Sephone Interactive Media with the idea of a mobile application to make bus information more accessible. “When I started riding the bus from Bangor to Orono in September, I found it slow to navigate to the online bus schedule from my phone, and I kept misplacing my printed schedules. So I created a prototype for the app in one of my classes. Sephone transformed my ideas into a real app that benefits the Bangor community. That’s the best part.”

“This first version of the Community Connector app puts information about our area’s great buses at your fingertips,” says Justin Russell, a developer at Sephone and graduate of the University of Maine. “We really liked Jennifer’s idea, and we wanted to help the community by building a tool to promote the Bangor region’s growing bus system.”

Increasing ridership is important to the expansion of the Community Connector system. Easier access to schedule and route information, combined with higher gas prices forecasted for this summer, may make the Community Connector an attractive option for more Bangor area residents. The new app helps potential riders understand more about the system, including how economical of a choice it can be.

Joe DiStefano, president of Sephone, said, “What we wanted to do was to help those that were already using the bus as well as to encourage those that haven’t used it very much (or not at all), as well as to ┬ámake it easy for more people to use public transportation. With gas prices on the rise is making this a huge incentive.”

Russell adds, “We love developing these kinds of tools for businesses and the region as a whole. We’re excited to add new features as more people use the Community Connector app, and we can’t wait to work on more projects like it in the future.”

To download the app for an Android phone or iPhone, visit the app’s web site at .

Sephone Interactive Media is a Bangor-based web and application development company, helping businesses and people use technology to grow and increase efficiency.

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