A few security related notes

June 7, 2012

Lately, there has been a lot of stuff in the news related to internet security. Linkedin and eHarmony have had passwords stolen, Facebook and Google have made announcements about DNSChanger, and we would like to make an announcement about our password security.

Linkedin and eHarmony

6.46 million passwords were compromised on Linkedin. If you use the same password/email combination on other sites, these compromised passwords will be used to login as you there too. Linkedin made a statement on their blog.

In what may be related to the Linkedin compromise, 1.5 million passwords were stolen from eHarmony. If you use this site, check out their blog post about it.


DNSChanger is a a piece of malware that will prevent you from using the internet after July 9. The DNS Changer Working Group have a website with more information. Both google and facebook are putting warnings on the top of their sites for users with the malware.

How we store passwords

We store passwords encrypted in databases. Our internal password storage tools all use a high grade of encryption. Rarely are passwords stored on our end desktop machines (of iPads, laptops, etc). We try hard to keep your passwords secure and encourage good passwords.


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