Do You Have a Goal?

September 10, 2012

Many businesses want a website.  Many businesses want social media help. Lots of times these requests come with, “Throw it against the wall and see if something sticks”  kind of directions and conversation.  Or perhaps a business owner went to an event or learned that their church has a Facebook page and they think their organization or business should too.

“If Suzy Jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge Would You?”

My parents used to say that when I was a kid and I was trying to rationalize why I should be allowed to do the things some of my friends were doing.  You can see they didn’t buy it.

Neither Should You.

There are so many “cool things” out there. Many of them free to use.  However, your time isn’t free.  If you aren’t reaching your current or potential customers, then why bother?  What is your goal?  What is theirs?

If you have companies prospecting you and there is no “end game” in mind, an appreciation for your goals, there is just another waste of your time. It might be fun, but at the end of the year have you connected?

Think about what it is you want to accomplish. Being a business owner most of the time the answer  will be “make money.”

That’s An Easy One

  • Could a way be, “To create another way for my current customers to communicate with me and be more on the top of their mind?”
  • Maybe ” To learn what my potential customers are thinking about so I can connect with them without SELLING them.”
  • Or, “I am community minded and I want to use my network to further my causes.”

There is NO Silver Bullet

  • Every Solution is different.  master success seminars
  • Your Business is different
  • Your Customers are different.

Placing your efforts moving toward your goal is vital rather than “Jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge”  because that is what all your friends are doing.

What is your goal?  Think about it.


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