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November 12, 2012

I am not good at filing or organizing.  I would love it if I knew where things were, but taking the time to do “admin” stuff gives me a headache.  (But it rivals the headache I get when I cannot find things!!)

Hurricane Sandy brought untold devastation and impacted millions. So many folks said, “We lost everything, but we have each other.”

Let’s be honest, many of us just watched Sandy on TV, we had a little or no damage or some power out for a few hours, a day, but for me, it was about taking inventory of my family members within the storm area.

FacebookThis is where Facebook came in handy.

We talk about Business and Business use of applications on this blog, but if you cannot connect PERSONALLY with something, it feels like a “thing” and not part of you, so why would you feel comfortable with it and use it?

I have an aunt, a retired, who lives in New Hampshire.  She is less than tech savvy and she admits it. She said to me while I was taking inventory on the family, “I have a “Family List” on Facebook, so I can keep track of everyone.”  And if the power goes out she can check in with the  “Family List” on her cell phone and do it quickly.

When we all have family spread out all over the map, we can stay in touch easier than ever.  Relatives in California may have mudslides or fires, you see it on TV on the East Coast and you wonder, “Oh no, cousin Lu Lu lives there!”  Establishing a Facebook “Family List” or “Group” helps everyone stay in touch.

A Facebook “Family Group” – open to only those that you want to share with, allows any one person to post something that all other “family group” members can view, without placing the burden on anyone person.

These not only come in handy in natural disasters but when someone is ill and you would rather tell the story ONCE rather than tell it to 30 people.  They can reply back too.

Plan Ahead

Oftentimes we have a choice of device that we feel most comfortable using.  Pick yours and set up your groups or lists through it.  Be clear on the GOAL of the Group so people don’t think it is planned to be Spammy or used as a tool to sell Girl Scout Cookies. (Girl Scout Cookies aren’t bad, just be clear on the purpose of the Group.)

Facebook will send messages to those people asking them to join for you.  When you allow a few days for this to happen you will have better success with those that may not check Facebook as much as you might.

As people join, post an acknowledgement to the “Family Group”  let them know you are the one that set up the list or thank the person who set up the Group and ask them your questions!

Then, you are good to go!

Ready for the next disaster, anniversary celebration or family illness.  Encourage others to update the Group on their news.


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