What does my Facebook profile look like to others?

December 6, 2012

Every once and I while I get asked, what does my facebook profile look like to non-friends. Sometimes there are colorful reasons behind this such as, I don’t want my ex-husband to see what I am doing or I don’t what strangers knowing that I own one of 15 original R2-D2’s.

Whatever your reason, here is how you do it as of now, December 6, 2012, though it changes about every year.

Go to your page

Go to your own profile page

Click the gear

Locate the little gear icon, just under your cover photo on the right and click view as.

Select who you want to see your page as

Now you can see what your page looks like to any one of your friends or all of your non-friends. Type a friends name to look at your page as them, or click public to see your page as anybody on facebook.

When your done

When your done just click on back to timeline.


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