Quality vs Quantity

February 1, 2013

There is a lot of information on the web today, and this vast library is constantly growing by the minute.  What will make your content and your website stand out from the rest?  The answer is quality content.  Having valuable information and giving the user the information that they are looking for is key.  Whether that is information about a product or service that you offer, or answers to questions, if its not helpful to the user, what is the point of having it?


When creating content for your website a common mistake is to want to try and optimize this content for the search engines to make it easier of them to rank you high in their results.  Though in some cases this may work, it is important to remember who you are trying to attract, people, customers, users, not search engines.  Knowing the market that you are trying to reach and tailoring your content for that market is key in helping your site rank well.  Quality content is what gets linked to most on the web, and when your site is linked to it helps you to gain traction in the search results, which in turn helps to increase the traffic to your site.

A lot of times companies will hire a copywriter or another company to generate the content for their site, or even pay for fill content from a content aggregator so that they do not need to come up with the content themselves.  While this will often provide you with highly keyworded and fancy sounding content, it is not always the best approach.  These companies do not know your business like you do and thus cannot tailor the content on your site to your market and your customers.  It is important when generating content for your site that you take part in the process to come up with the best content for you business and your market.

A great example of a site with quality content is Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound.  This site gives its visitors what they are looking for, from information about them, to their products, and relevant information that may come in handy to the website visitor like recipes and customer reviews.


Though having a lot of content and information on your site give the search engines many avenues to grab onto your site, if you have too much it can really diminish the quality and overall value of your site.  There are some websites that lend themselves well to large amounts of content, for example a blog or a news station.  These formats are great for large quantities of content because it is constantly changing, there is always new stuff for people to see, which keeps the visitors coming back.  New content is also great because it gives an opportunity for other sites to link to your fresh content, helping to increase traffic, and building your credibility with the search engines.  Remember links from highly pronounced websites will help to build you credibility fast than links from other sites.

A couple of examples of high quantity websites that work well are WABI TV and TutsPlus.  WABI TV is a local news network that is constantly updating their content with relevant news that keeps their site visitors coming back.  TutsPlus is an industry targeted blog network that seeks to inform and educate their audience.  With this platform they are able to keep their audience engaged and constantly returning to learn more.


Brady is the voice on the other end of the phone line when you call Sephone. He graduated from the New England School of Communications in 2009 and assists Sephone in building and maintaining our sites.

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