The Challenges of the Company Blog

April 5, 2013

Here Are Just Three:

  1. Who’s going to contribute?
  2. Why do we think we are experts?
  3. What the heck are we going to write about?

“Too busy” is a good one too, but we will leave that one off the list for another day.

Since I am on the road and do a lot of face time with business folks, often we get down to the nitty gritty and they confide in me the challenges that they face and with blogging being a relatively new platform for most of us, it is easy to ask those three questions along with a multitude of others.

Just This Week:

I had the opportunity to hear a presentation from a blogger (quite successful one) named Kristi.  She was natural, funny and full of great information.  It was inspiring really.  Others came away from her presentation feeling the same way. If you clicked the link you will see what she is about for yourself.  I felt fortunate for someone as experienced as she is to come and share with us. One of the things she covered very well and even blogged for us about it is about “Creating Content” and 12 Ideas for us to think about.

1. Who’s going to contribute?

David Jones - Strong Kennels Tivoli, TX

You Need a Bird Dog. Depending on the size and type of company you have or the expertise that your company has you may have several people that provide a healthy “voice” to your blog.  You may also have someone that is wonderful at writing or really enjoys doing it. Just like anything the blog itself has to be one person’s priority to “Bird Dog” those to contribute, be willing to write something themselves when there are time constraints to make sure things are published timely.

Remember this blog isn’t about YOU, it is about YOU engaging with your customers and potential customers. Understandably they have expectations or they will read something from someone else (perhaps your competition)  because it is on the “Top of Mind” and inconsistent blog posts means not being there.

2.  Why do we think we are experts?

We all know, when we are on the internet, we are opening ourselves to the world and there are many folks out there in “our business.”  Many bigger than us, many with more resources.  But do they do it OUR WAY?

Do you have a different “take” on challenges  because of where you are located, your customer base, your relationships?  Is your blog a way your company can address frequently asked questions and you can point your customers to that post so they can use it for a resource?

3.  What the heck are we going to write about?

As I mentioned previously, CreativeKristi  has a great list of ideas.  What we ask our clients is: Have you asked the person that answers your phone or your sales people what people ask most about?  You may find some information. Put it up on a white board in front of your face, discussing content as part of your staff meetings is also a good way to come up with ideas.

You may find it is a lot of fun!

*Thank you David Jones of Strong Kennels, Tivoli, TX for the use of your photo.


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