Summer is ALMOST here!

May 24, 2013

In Maine when Memorial Day comes around we all kind of feel like summer is here.  Even though the actual first day of Summer is nearly a month away, the kids are still in school Memorial Day Weekend is a “demark” point for many of us. We all open our camps and start planning for the season ahead.

Summer Holidays

Memorial Day is always the third Monday in May, of course the actual DATE in May changes.  The 4th of July is, well the 4th of July, sometimes it is a Monday, Tuesday and this year it is a Thursday.  Labor Day is always the FIRST Monday in September.  Memorial Day and Labor Day dates always fluctuate.  This year both are “early”, or at least feel that way.  At Sephone, as well as many businesses in Maine summer is a time when folks take vacations.  Maine is called VACATIONLAND and many of us that live here feel inundated with relatives and friends coming to spend a long weekend or a week.  We all just HOPE that the weather is going to cooperate.

But what happens when it doesn’t?

Maybe you are in your old hometown or maybe it is your “significant others?”  Perhaps it is in a place you haven’t been before? You had all kinds of plans, whale watch, a hike or a bike ride in a national park but DRAT!  It RAINED!  (And if you are in Maine this weekend, it is going to rain right through until Monday!)

Eleventary! search window on smartphone

Eleventary! search window on smartphone.

There are only so many movies

Don’t fret about something to do when the weather decides to change your plans.  Sephone updated it’s event App.  We wrote about it last year.   And you can download it to your phone and find everything from sporting events, concerts to museum exhibits.  AND it is FREE to use.

Having your own event?

If you have an event you would like to put in and you would like to have about 100,000 (and counting) eyes on it, for FREE than eleventary is for you!  A benefit, garage sale, you want to let the locals and the tourists know about it – you can and all for FREE.

Eleventary is in the Google Play Store as well as the App Store for iPhone.  (Did I say for FREE?)


Download it today and Nationwide you can see what is fun to do wherever you are!






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