February 14, 2014

I think there is a social media platform that people often forget, and that is YouTube.

How I use YouTube

I am subscribed to a bunch of channels and watch a lot of videos. Most of the channels that I am subscribed to are about bush-craft, camping, survival or other outdoor like channels. It works like most any other social media site, like Facebook or Twitter. People make updates and their friends see them and can like or comment on them. The difference is that the updates are always videos.

Money Making Platform

There are a few ways to make money on YouTube, but we will focus on the partner program. Basically, you have to allow a video ad and/or a sidebar ad on your video and you will receive a bit of money for views. The going rate is roughly 5 dollars per thousand views. It’s a variable though based on likes and channel subscribers.

How about an example. My favorite YouTube channel is Dave Canterbury. His videos have had 37 million views over the 6-ish years he has had it. So he has more than likely around $185,000 from YouTube over 6 years. Of course he puts some time and money into his videos and most channels receive less views.

How you can use it

If you produce videos, it’s a great platform to be on, I have found it a very active community with likes and comments. Though most of YouTube is silly, there are serious businesses using the service.


Alan has been creating websites since CompuServe was huge. Today he still is developing websites using technologies such as CSS3, HTML5, jQuery and CakePHP.

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