Time Management and Social Media

May 30, 2014

I understand.

But is the real challenge the learning of social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.? Or does it take too much time to find content to put on a platform like Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest, all of which presents your content, in a very different style to often a different target market?

Or even better, is it when you open up Facebook to go to your business page you wander around Facebook to your friends pages and a half hour later, you realize you haven’t done what you have set out to do and there is something else that needs doing to keep your businesses doors open?

Talk to Me- I Get It

I hear about it all the time and as I have mentioned in other blog posts, people get frustrated and say they “HATE Facebook.” Or they think “Twitter is STUPID.”  It’s okay, you can say it, but we also understand that you don’t need something else to think about and to figure out. Is the frustration the fact that the amount of time in a day does not allow for something else?

Last things First, A Little Self Control

Getting lost in Facebook is common.  Mostly because it is a fun place to go, though Facebook can be the ultimate Frenemy  when it comes to getting work done.  So try this.  Use your “cruising time” through Facebook as a reward for posting to your business page first.  Be mindful about it.  Give yourself :15 minutes each day and the earlier part of the day works best – use a kitchen time or a timer on your phone if you need it. It helps keep you from getting lulled into the arms of Facebook procrastination.  AND get yourself a whiteboard, put it in the break room or in a common area with a dry erase marker attached.  In big letters write “FACEBOOK CONTENT”  ask for everyone to write ideas there.  Then as they are posted to Facebook, erase them or put the date next to them so people know they are helping you with Facebook posts.  If you work alone and at home, put a pad on your fridge and as you think of things write them there.

Call Me Crazy

You wouldn’t be the first person.  But making a new thing painless makes it easier to become part of your routine.  White boards are part of our lives, allowing others in your company to have a voice or perspective is fun and a great moral booster. It helps you as the “poster” feel like you are not alone.  It helps with the guilt of spacing out on Facebook, hoping to think of something witty only to be lost in Facebook purgatory.

Try it for a month, what do you have to lose?


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