#Hashtag Heaven? Twitter Isn’t Just For Twits

July 18, 2014

It Happened

For the past year or so, even as mainstream as the Today Show is, the constant Hashtag and Trending reference is staring you in the face before you even go to work in the morning.  It moved from the “Late Night” crowd of Jimmy Fallon and Saturday Night Live to your breakfast table and your favorite ESPN sports show.

From what my clients and friends are telling me they fall into one of three categories:

  1. They have a Twitter account and use it often
  2. They have a Twitter account but still haven’t really grasped why they need it
  3. They think Twitter is stupid and a waste of time.

If you are in the third category this post isn’t going to attempt to convert you.  But I would suggest that if you decide to get a Twitter account, which is still free you may follow some interesting news that you can’t get any other way, or with Twitter you often get the news faster. You may want to try it just for fun, see what your kids are doing, the weather or about an accident or road construction you may encounter on your way home.  It’s up to you.



For the Rest of You

I am going to confess,  this is something I am guilty of not being skilled in this area.  Here goes, “FOCUS.”  The idea of using Twitter, simple bursts of sending out a message, sharing a message or consuming a message in a 140 characters bursts certainly doesn’t lend itself to FOCUS.  The mere consumption of Twitter can send your head spinning! But the fact that most of people consume it via mobile means it is with them all the time!

Your “Audience” Is the Same Way

If you use your twitter account and I mean USE it, tweet daily, share and reply daily, managing your account, creating lists and following the people you want to can fall by the wayside when your business takes you away from this kind of organizational thinking.  Blurt out something or find something out and then go back to answering the phone or customer emails, right?

But if these Social Media accounts were like papers or files and we had to look at them when we walked into our office, we probably would do something with them, organize, recycle, SOMETHING. These stacks of papers are staring us in the face and anyone else (including a client) that may come into our business, right?  Often once we organize things we can work more efficiently.  Social Media is no different.

Not Sure How to Become More Active on Twitter?

Again, when I make something a priority it gets done.  You may want to write it down or set a reminder to do it.  With Twitter it can be as little as :15 minutes a day to get engaged and make it part of your routine.  Of course your tweet content will evolve over time.

But no tweeting, no sharing, no responding?  No evolution, while your competition passes you by,






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