The 2015 American Folk Festival app

August 6, 2015

2015 American Folk Festival appThe 2015 American Folk Festival on the Bangor Waterfront is coming at the end of August, and we’re excited to announce that the official app for this year’s festival is now available on iOS and Android!

When we built the first version of the Folk Festival app in 2011, we wanted to make sure visitors had the most important information about the festival at their fingertips. Mobile usage has been going up every year, and phones can do more than ever. Every year we try to use new technology to help enhance your festival experience: a tool to build your own schedule of performances and artists you want to see, an interactive map of what’s available at the festival, sharing your photos on the American Folk Festival page on Facebook, an easy way to donate, and more. This year is no different.

Many of us at Sephone head over to the Waterfront every festival weekend to hear some amazing music (and eat way too much food). As we walk by a stage, we’ll often say, “This is great! Who’s playing?” We’ll pull out our phones, check the schedule, and find the name of the performer.

Now you can find out information about who’s playing instantly thanks to the new iBeacon support in this year’s app. As you walk by a stage, your phone will automatically let you know who’s playing or when their next performance at the festival will be. The app also has artist information and a schedule of performances, complete with any changes throughout the weekend. Make sure you have notifications turned on for the app and Bluetooth enabled to make sure you receive these helpful notifications!

We hope we’ll see you on the Waterfront between Friday, August 28th and Sunday, August 30th! It should be a great weekend full of music, and we’re really proud to be a long-time sponsor of the festival. And don’t forget to kick in, whether you donate online or find a donation bucket while you’re at the festival!


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