Beauty is only “Skin” Deep

October 21, 2016

This Goes For Websites too!

Brady’s last post about eCommerce websites and the holidays approaching, inspired me to write this post:

Business owners want their company website to look beautiful, maybe have a lot of “glitz” and functionality.  But Google isn’t always that impressed.

Each year, Google changes up their algorithm 500-600 times.  Some changes are small and others aren’t so small. Some have big consequences.  Business owners are running their businesses and don’t always notice, they may see their website as a beautiful, shiny thing. They love it, it is like a child.

Or on the other hand, they realize that their site may not work as well as they would like. Perhaps their new iPhone shows a site they find less than appealing.  Worse, a potential client cannot find what they need to do business on their new iPhone!

Web sites can be spruced up often times by refreshing content.  Going through the pages, making sure the words are used by your customers and potential clients, new photos or other graphics, charts that give it a fresh appeal.

Then there is Bondo…

Bondo Remember when cars were mostly metal and not plastic?  The first time I had heard about Bondo was when my brother and his friends got old “beaters” as their first cars.  Most of the cars were rusty, fenders, doors, etc. and there was always someone using Bondo to patch a fender or other holes to get the car repaired enough to pass state inspection and get “A Sticker.”  This is not too far away from today’s Website reality. But here is the bad news:

There’s only so much Bondo to go around and Google doesn’t give Inspection Stickers

Due to all the changes to the Google Algorithm as well as the devices used to access the web itself, the life of a businesses website is limited.  If you built it yourself and didn’t use a professional, it tends to be even shorter.  Web professionals most often have an understanding of trends and what to build and how to build a site for search effectiveness.  They may even steer you away from that “shiny thing” because of obsolescence concerns.

So keep in mind when your web partner says, “We really need to start over.”  Your new site will search better and look better to Google and all its’ search engine cousins as well as be beautiful on the OUTSIDE.  New mobile operating systems and browsers allow your potential clients to get the information they need and see your best YOU.



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