The App Trap: How Many of Those Do You Need Anyway?

December 2, 2016

It is the Holiday Season and we all have shopping to do.  It seems like every store is sending us emails, with special deals, coupons and the like.  To top it off, most of the Big Box or Chain Stores have their own Apps that we can download on handwithphoneplussealour phones for free and we feel like we have a chance to get the best deal of the day!

I found that my phone has so many Apps that I am constantly am scrolling to find the App that belongs to the store that I am in, maybe a store I only go to once a year! Then, after a store or two, relearning the ins and outs of each one AGAIN -I finally get frustrated and don’t use any of them!  So I am the loser, in a store not saving the money I had wanted to, overwhelmed.

RetailMeNot Saves the Day!

There is ONE App and ONE Website that does it all. RetailMeNot is like a Mall for Shopping. 50,000 stores are listed on the site or app and all I have to do is use this ONE App, learn how to use it and not get stuck in the frenzy of using this store or that store’s App that I only use rarely. The site pulls from the retailers site and it updated as the Retailer updates.  RetailMeNot keeps me in one place using one App.

Coupons, Trending Items, Holiday Deals

The website also helps to plan ahead if I shopping online or just making my list, while the App is great for “on the fly” behavior. All in one place that is free and in the palm of your hand. Simple is good.  Download it and give it alogo_app_retail try!  It may remind you of stores that may not be the ones you instantly think of like KMART or to eat, like Domino’s.  It is pretty handy and you may just decide to keep it on your phone after the Holiday insanity is over.


*Thank you RetailMeNot for the use of images.



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