New Year! New Tech! A Quick Two Pick of CES 2017

January 13, 2017

CES 2017 just recently took place in Las Vegas, Nevada.  It has different keynote speakers, tech marketplaces and a lot of new tech innovations.  One of the items that I was most interested in was the laptop that now has three monitors produced by Razer.  They are currently calling the laptop Project Valerie.  Even though we are still waiting for a launch date and price.  I see maybe owning this laptop. Development work will be easier as I will not have to carry a monitor or two around for a multiple monitor set up with my laptop.

CES 2017 was broke down into three sections .  Each including different products and different companies.  Take a look for yourself ( and see all the new things that hopefully will be launching soon.

Video game companies are also launching new products and systems

Nintendo just recently launched a new system called Nintendo Switch.  It is a portable and non-portable device that you can hook up to your TV or play while your not at home.  I am not liking the $300 price tag associated with it. But, it does seem like a cool item to keep the kids busy in the car.


Thank you to Dorkly for the use of the Nintendo Switch photo.

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