Showcasing Your Work

February 3, 2017

Sephone PortfolioBeing a company that provides a custom solution to each of it’s clients unique needs and wants it’s difficult for us to hand you your custom solution to test drive. In this instance, the website isn’t built yet. Unlike purchasing an automobile, which is already built, you have the opportunity to test drive it and evaluate it before committing to the purchase.

That is why we have a portfolio showcasing a sample of our work from a wide array of our clients. This will provide you with a sense of our capabilities and quality of work. On our portfolio you can click on any one of the images and view additional screen shots. Some projects may even have a video or additional information. You can visit the websites and download the apps and interact with them.

How Are You Showcasing Your Work?

If you provide service, such as automobile detailing or tattoo artist you too, can showcase your work. If it’s okay with your customers, as an automobile detailer, you can take “Before” and “After” photos of the automobiles you detail. Maybe your customers would provide you with a review and/or picture of their newly detailed automobile? You could use these images and reviews on your website to allow other potential customers to evaluate your work.

The same scenario above applies to the tattoo artist as well. Ask your customers if you can take a picture of a newly inked tattoo and you can post it on your website. You might also ask if they’d be willing to write a review that you can add on your website. In this scenario, you can ask them to write a review on your Facebook page and they, your customer, might add a photo of their tattoo on your Facebook page.

Feel free to check out the Sephone portfolio page and have a look around. Each website is unique and has its own unique set of business goals. If you’d like the discuss what we can do for your website or custom application, give us a call.


John is a designer at Sephone.

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