Facebook loves LIVE – maybe you should too?

February 17, 2017

Even though Facebook LIVE was launched last April , it may not be something you have used yet.  But it seems that everyday someone you know is using it and perhaps it is someone or a business that you may have least expected.  Facebook loves LIVE, it gives it a favorable placement in the news feed.  If you are a business struggling with being seen in the News Feed without a steady stream of paid Facebook Ads, perhaps Facebook Live is for you.

Why Facebook Loves Live

Facebook LiveFacebook loves Live because people like to watch videos on line.  YouTube has proved it for years.  This post shows exactly how big video is on the internet, though it may not be surprising philosophically, the evidence is staggering. This also means the Facebook user is engaged in Facebook and on Facebook – not clicking off Facebook. If you are a shareholder of Facebook stock you want people on Facebook – ALL. THE. TIME.


My favorite thing about Facebook Live is that there is no expectation of perfection in production and execution of the video.  It is LIVE.  There is no filter. For all the perfectionists in the world, this let’s us off the hook.

May not think you have anything “good” to “GO LIVE” with?

There is no bigger fan of your company than you.  There are great things happening there inside and outside your property. Here are a few ideas for Facebook Live and your business:

  • Community Service (food bank, volunteerism, etc.)
  • Safety Meetings or employee training
  • Improvements or situations at your workplace (with this last blizzard the snow removal of your parking lot may be spectacular
  • A quick tour of your facility
  • Engage employees to contribute their LIVE experiences
    • Ski vacations
    • picnics
    • State Championship Basketball games
    • Attendance at an event that your company may sponsor

LIVE needs not be a long movie.  A few minutes goes by faster than you think and don’t forget you want people to watch it – LONG attention spans are hard to find these days.

Here is a great post right from Facebook about Best Practices.  And a Blog that is updated to help with more ideas.  So get LIVE and have some fun!


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