Does your app have a privacy policy?

February 24, 2017

Recently Google has been sending notifications out to app developers, with apps in the Google Play store, to notify them that starting March 15, 2017, all apps in the Google Play store will require a privacy policy.

What does this mean for your apps

If you have an app in the Google Play store, and it already has a privacy policy linked to it, then you are in the clear and no further action is required by you.

If you do not have a privacy policy for your Google Play store app, then you should generate one, and post the contents of it to your website.  Then you can link the new privacy policy to your app.  If you do not complete this by March  15, 2017 then Google reserves the right to hinder the performance or your app in Play Store searches, and even remove the app from the store altogether.

Generating a policy

There are many tools online that assist in generating privacy policies.  One that we have found helpful with recent experiences is Docracy.  This is a tool that generates a boilerplate mobile privacy policy.  It should be noted that a privacy policy is a legal document, and you should consult legal council to confirm legitimacy of any privacy policy that is being generated with a tool like Docracy, or have a lawyer draft one for you.


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