Saying Goodbye to ReCaptcha v1

January 29, 2018

Anyone who has browsed the web long enough to encounter captcha is likely to remember these relics of the internet:

Out with the old…

With hard-to-decipher text, it’s clear that this iteration of Google’s ReCaptcha service did its job. In recent times, however, we’ve seen this whole process improve. No longer do we need to strain our eyes to determine the difference between an ‘o’ and an ‘a.’ In fact, most often, the Captcha process is as simple as checking a box:

… In with the new!

Of course there are those times that extra verification is necessary. Clicking a few images of street signs is a more pleasant experience than figuring out the puzzles of ReCaptcha Version 1. As such, it may be pleasing to hear that ReCaptcha v1 is finally being put to rest.

As of March 31st, 2018, all instances of Google’s ReCaptcha version 1 will become non-functioning. Many sites have already transitioned to Google ReCaptcha version 2. Any site that has not upgraded by this date will need to consider doing so, as without the upgrade they may once again find themselves receiving spam submissions.

If you’re one of our clients, and are wondering whether or not your site is running the newest version of ReCaptcha, please contact us to discuss your site and options for upgrading.


Gary is a team member at Sephone, helping to design, develop and maintain websites.

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