TLS 1.0 end of life

March 7, 2018

In the upcoming months there will be a continued push of making the internet a more secure place. Part of this push involves the deprecation of older security standards with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS).

As of June 2018, it is a requirement of the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCISSC) that all concerned parties upgrade their systems, and they are recommending the use of TLS v1.2. For more information on this shift and the requirements by the PCISSC, please review their blog post:

What this means for you

In general, this means, if your website uses a SSL (has https in the address bar), it should use TLS 1.2. This is a configuration that happens at the server level, and usually not something that you have control over. Older servers may need to be upgraded or re-configured to accommodate TLS 1.2. You should discuss with your service provider to see what, if any, changes need to happen in your case.

Are you a Sephone customer?

If you have any questions about the version of TLS that your website is using, please contact us.  We would love to discuss your options with you on how we can proceed.


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