Do You REALLY Care?

September 14, 2011

We all are customers of businesses every day.  The “Buy Local” craze  has taken hold nationwide, but here in Maine, local isn’t only “hip” it is essential for our economy to survive in these parts. That isn’t something new.

I go to my car mechanic, because I trust him.  I can drive into his shop without an appointment, he knows me by my name and he knows how I use my car.  He makes me feel like I matter and he cares about ME.  This the case for the local restaurant, coffee shop or wherever you may go throughout your week, you are making a choice on how and where to  spend your hard earned cash.

If you are a business owner yourself, you probably make your customers feel like they matter to you too, because they do.  If there is a sickness or death in their family, you know it, you may even pick up the phone and ask how you can help.

Social Media is making staying connected to those that are important to you easier than ever.  But as my business partner Scott Traylor once said, ” Facebook makes your far away friends closer and your close friends further away.”

Sadly, he is right.

I recently attended the Maine Association of Broadcasters Annual Meeting and we were fortunate to have Chris Brogan speak to us.  For those that may not know him, he is my personal social media hero and he is because he has a way to boil things down to a point where I am shaking my head thinking, “Yes, keep it simple and don’t forget what REALLY matters.”

If you are thinking about doing some sort of social media for your business, don’t get lost in the widget, the technology, the tools, remain focused on what the REAL goal is.  What are you trying to accomplish?

People are social (well most of them anyway), in these times when every dollar counts, don’t lose sight that people still need to feel like they BELONG in your world.  Lurking around in Facebook without engaging, thinking that your customer knows you are checking in with them, isn’t enough.

It isn’t about the tools, it isn’t about the cool new “thing.” It is about your customer knowing that you care about them and that they are important to you.  If you want to use Facebook, “GREAT”  and that “one on one” direct note or that note “Let’s go to lunch and catch up face to face…” reminds us all (as Chris Brogan calls it),  to “Be Human.”

Simple as that.


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