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November 19, 2012

At least once a month someone comes to us with an idea.  Sometimes they feel like they are “ditsy” – a term used by on customer to me just last week. They come to us because they know we think out of the box, we love to hear new ideas. We love to hear YOUR ideas. Some of the ideas are a little “out there.”  But so thought many about Google when their idea of “search” came along in 1998.

We aren’t Google and we aren’t meaning to imply that you are either.  And there are a lot of great ideas that just melt away because there is lack of implementation and/or poor promotion. (We have our own list !)  But you are not “ditsy” for having those. (We prefer the term “Out of the Box” and spoken like the Maine girl I am, “That aint all bad!” )  Crystal Ball


You know your business better than any body. You know those “things” that if you could only do better and faster than you could deliver that “special sauce” customer service to your customer.  Is it something you could deliver on their Smartphone?

Relationships and Trust

Aligning yourself with someone -a fellow business person, or a developer like us,  that looks forward, and doesn’t look at a “one size fits all”  template could help you solve some challenges.  We all need to be more efficient and more accurate to be able to provide the customer with the best product or service the first time around.

Go through your address book, rolodex or whatever you use and take “that person” to lunch.  The “Face to Face” meeting creates a lot of energy and brainstorming opportunities.


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Kelly's been known as the Marketing Maven since before the term was hip. (That means she's old.) As a natural Community Builder, she loves to get people together, bring resources to the table and solve problems!

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