Free To Use, But Do You?

December 12, 2012

Facebook. Yelp. Twitter. YouTube. Pinterest…

The list goes on.  Social Media tools are all over the place and nearly all are free for any of us to use.

  1. But do you?
  2. Do you have time?
  3. Do you see the value?

If the answer to the first two questions is “No.”  And the third question is “Yes.”

Then consider a few options:

Post when you can and ask for help in executing a schedule.  Something your “Community” can count on.

Share Your Expectations and Goals:

How do you want it to work for your business?  If you are asking someone (a relative, friend or a company) to do it for you, then ground on what is acceptable, what isn’t and invite your colleagues to share in what they feel is of value.

Write this all down.

Your “social media” partner, whether you pay money for this work or don’t, needs to understand where your company stands and have the latitude and the information to engage when someone asks a question in a reasonable timeframe.

First off -Your company needs to make sure it is listed on the major directories and that the information is consistent and accurate.

For example: If one online directory shows your company located on one street and others show your company located somewhere else it obviously can be detrimental – especially if your customers punch the wrong address into their GPS or even better, if you never even “claimed” your business address on the GPS database!  Did you know you need to check that too?  

Decide Value and Assign Priority

Setting up accounts and profiles, checking listings take time.  Doing it piece meal is not the answer. Often when you set up company listings there is a followup email or a phone call often with a time limit to act.  Then, you need to write it down somewhere. I prefer the “write it down” method rather than having it only on line.  Lists of platforms, user names and passwords – if your company is paying for this work, your company needs to have this information.  Then if your company chooses to bring it in house or go another route you have access to the accounts you paid for to be set up and managed. If you have a family member doing it, don’t count on them to remember things, this information is YOURS.  YOUR COMPANY.  YOUR BRAND.  This is serious business.

Don’t Farm it Out.  Own it.

This is a battle cry of a certain segment of people.  We say, “Sure, that sounds reasonable.”  But we also say, “Do you fix your own car?  Do give your pets their shots?  Do you put in your own furnace?” In most cases the answer is probably “No.”  And why?  Because you are an expert in running your business, generating revenue, serving customers and you must do that.

All these other things are no different than the execution of a Online Marketing Strategy.

  1. It does take expertise.
  2. It takes time.
  3. It takes focus.

If you just want to post something on your Facebook page that’s  great, but there is more to social media and online marketing than Facebook (Don’t faint, it’s true!) and if you want more than a few “Likes” on Facebook, more results and consistent branding as a whole, you may consider a Social Media partner…like us. ( Sorry for the shameless plug but I cannot help myself.)


*thank you to the tomtom website for the photo.






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