New Year’s Resolutions for Business?

January 7, 2013

As a business owner, it is hard to take time to learn something new.  it is hard to get away from “The Office”  to go to a far away place to often be disappointed in what the content was, how the speaker presented it or maybe the content was WAY OVER your head or completely different than the description and you were paying to be bored.  UGH.

With the New Year, you may be feeling the need to learn something new but just don’t have the inspiration to do it!  But start small and do something that you can stick to.

Here Are a Couple Ideas:

There’s something to be said about people finding a way to “share” and learn new things.  To Grow. Yes, there are conferences, there are still trade shows.  You can spend a lot of money and time traveling around the country looking for ways to learn things.

Learning: Social Media 

The Social Media buzz is everywhere.  It wasn’t long ago when those of us that had been on Twitter and mentioned, “Follow Me on Twitter” got greeted with blank stares or rolled eyes.  Now you cannot watch news programs or a multitude of other shows without a mention of Facebook or Twitter, to keep in touch and get your latest information.

Social Media Breakfast LogoIf you feel like you have missed the Social Media Bus and are behind the 8-ball, then chances are there is a group nearby that you can learn from.  In Maine, there are 3 groups of Social Media Breakfasts that require no membership, no mandatory attendance and are run by local volunteers that want to learn just like you do. And the networking provides other opportunities.

Social Media Breakfasts here in Maine are located in Bangor, (first Thursday of the month) Portland (last Friday of the month) and Central Maine ( third Tuesday of the month) – these are rules of thumb and the schedule may change. Check before you make the drive, I made that mistake once.  There are minimal costs to cover your breakfast and you should RSVP so they have a head count. There are different topics every month and there are different levels of experience all in the same room.  Everyone is there to help one another.  These are run by great volunteers that have bothered to help you promote your business out of the goodness of their hearts.  Thank you to all of them!  *

Learning:  Networking 

New ways to network and one of them that many use is LinkedIn.  Do you have a LinkedIn profile? We wrote something here and still stand by it.   If you don’t, you should and get yourself on one of the message boards or the groups.  Much of this is FREE but there is a monthly fee option and if you are paying it, I am sure you are using it and don’t need me to tell you anything!

Start Small

Think of one thing each month that you can PLAN on doing.  Put it on the calendar.  Commit to it.  If it is something like participating in a LinkedIn group or listening to a webinar, close your office door.  You are working.  You are working on you and being a better business owner.  If you can, plan a few months a head.  You will save time, money and make money all at once!  Hope to see you at one soon!!

*Social Media Breakfasts in Bangor are now held at Husson University.

*Thank you, Social Media Breakfast for the use of your logo.



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