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April 25, 2013

“Flavor of the Month”

Often folks call us and they want to start using Social Media to promote their business.  All their other business friends use it, they have a Facebook account so it is time to “make some money” with something “everybody” is using.  Get your business some eyeball time.

A few months ago, I wrote a post about Social Media and having a goal.  Probably I should have written this post first before that one but I didn’t so here goes…

Open House

If you were trying to sell your house, your realtor may suggest an Open House.  You spruce up the place. Clean up the clutter, maybe slap some paint on the doorways or walls.  The tired old place looks pretty nice and it didn’t take much time or money. You are ready for people to come in and see AND BUY!

Your Website or Home Base

The same as an Open House, before you decide to use Social Media or even run a traditional ad, you should check out your website or any other places people may look for you online.  For now, let’s stick with your website.


Social Media just like traditional advertising calls attention to your business.  If it doesn’t,  you are wasting your money, right?  You want people to know about you.  If your radio ad is on and someone is driving down the road and hears it if they are interested they will call you or look you up on line. Traditional ad mediums are steps away from the potential client learning about you.  They have to stop what they are doing or get where they are going to act on seeking your business out.

When using Social Media you reach the potential client where they can very quickly and easily find out what you are about.  They are in front of their computer or on their smartphone and with a click or two they are on your website.

What Will They See?

Will they see what you want them to see?  Is it up to date?  Does it look like your business is professional?  Are you ready for the Open House or should you do some sprucing up to the old website? What does it look like on a mobile device?

Getting Your Money’s Worth

It is always an interesting conversation when someone explains to me how social media doesn’t work.  I listen intently and throw in  a “When was the last time you updated your website?” or maybe a “What platform are you using?”  Often, they think I am trying to throw my hat into the ring for an update to their website.  And though Sephone is capable and would love to do it, I ask because if someone is woo’ed into checking out your business because of a Facebook post or a Tweet and they see information and design from 2005, why would they call you?

Don’t Blame the Messenger

It isn’t Social Media and perhaps that radio or TV ad campaign didn’t work because of the same reason. You went to the trouble and expense of inviting potential buyers to your “Open House” and when they got there they found a shack.

So ask yourself…“Is my website or blog ready for social media?”







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