“Tending the Garden” ~ When was the Last Time You Managed Your Profiles?

November 11, 2015

If you have a brick and mortar business, did you paint the building one time and walk away? How does it look after a few years?  A little tired?  What about your sign, has someone moved in next store and put up their shiny sign, bigger and more prominent than your sign?

Physical things are easy to see,  though you have to still be objective and look at how your place of business looks from the outside to get people inside.

Online is Ever-Changing

Like keeping your physical property looking inviting, it is important to keep your online presence inviting also.  A pretty website for your customer is one thing, but you need to be pretty for Google and the other search bots out there, too.  It is what is on the “inside” that really matters.  But that is a topic for another post!

First Things First

We have talked about Google-ing yourself, back in 2010. When was the last time you looked online to see what is listed?  Be careful that the address and phone number is consistent across Google and other directories?  If you are in an association or have a link to your website on an outside directory, this is especially true. Lawyers, CPA’s and health care professionals.  If you Google yourself or your office, these should appear in the search results.  And they need to be correct.


This may seem “old school” but create a list of places you find yourself or your business that list your name and address, along with the link that you found the listing on.  If it is too long to write, copy and paste it in a file and print off the list with the links.  You may be surprised to find you are still on a Rotary or Kiwanis website- make sure it is accurate, or removed.  It matters.

Make Necessary Changes

See something incorrect?  Usually, there is a contact link with a name for the webmaster to make the change that needs to be made and follow-up to see that it is corrected.

Maps, So 2008…

Joe had a great post in 2008, about how to add your business to Google Maps.  The information is still accurate.  This is also important to check as GPS and mobile apps integrate, this information needs to be checked also.  And again, write it down and keep a Google Service Tipsrecord. You need to know where to check the next time you go through this exercise, a living record, just like a garden- you plant, weed and replant when necessary.

In doing research for this article, I found other Google tips that you may be interested in – using your phone more efficiently, using Chrome better, lots of “Help” – 133 tips!


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