Why FREE isn’t REALLY free

August 9, 2016

How FREE services can quickly add up

Sometimes people ask why they should pay for a company like Sephone to build, host, and maintain their website when there are so many free alternatives-like a site builder tool or WordPress. Today, I want to explain why a “free” service can quickly add up to hundreds or even thousands and why paying upfront for a professionally built website from a company you know, can save you in both the short and long term.

Hidden costs

One of the biggest things people overlook when thinking about using a free service or tool are the hidden costs. Want an extra feature? That’s going to cost you. Want to change the template or theme of your free site? That’s going to cost you. Looking to add on advanced features like subscriptions for e-Commerce? That’s also going to cost you. In some cases, a service that starts out as free can quickly cost more than a paid service with an upfront cost.

Ecosystem Lock

If you are using a service like WordPress for your website, custom functionality can be hard to come by. While it is true that WordPress has a vibrant community developing plugins for it, if you need to add a feature that does not exist, you have to write it yourself or pay for a developer (hidden cost).

In the case of build it yourself and WYSIWYG services, often if the feature does not exist, you are simply out of luck. These services are not always open to outside developers, that functionality hinges on the company, that you may not know, running the service providing it.

Time is money

If you are spending your day working on building your site, keeping it up to date, and dealing with any issues that might arise, you are not spending your day on what is important: you and your business. In some cases you could create a simple site that looks pretty and might even be mobile friendly on your own, it is still time-consuming. Every minute you spend working on your website, is a minute you are not working on the rest of your business.

It’s all in the details

In today’s world, there is much more that goes into a website than just images and text. Behind the scenes, many things need to be done to make sure your site is ready to go. Optimizing for search, making sure your site adheres to disability standards, cross-browser testing, and optimizing images are just a few things that all need attention when building and launching a modern website. When you work with Sephone, you can be assured we will address all of these issues while providing you with all the functionality you need.

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