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September 9, 2016

A Volunteer Firefighter and Sephone Web Developer Explains…

There are Apps out there in our life from small games to Facebook and Instagram.  An App that I use a lot is for the fire department I serve on is iamresponding.com.  Although, you still need the radio to communicate on scenes, if someone has a pager and is in a bad area and can still use data and/or text message then they will be able to know they have a call and subsequently call in using the App.

This App is a time saver

Using it keeps you from needing to page personnel about an upcoming training.  Sending out a message through this App will also send a text message. One step.

Multiple Department Volunteers and Mutual Aid

Do you work for multiple departments that use the App?  You can add multiple agencies so you can have your calls come in from the different departments.  It also has a nice calendar feature that will let your officers and/or fellow personnel add events.


Need a new scheduling system?  It has that also.  This app is one of a kind.

Although Sephone did not design this Mobile App, we do design many Apps here will cool features. If you have a need for an App for your business – along with websites please feel free to contact us here at Sephone (207) 262-5040 or info@sephone.com.


Alex is a developer at Sephone, helping to build apps and websites. He is also working on his Master's degree in Computer Science.

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