It’s profile time-making a resolution you can keep!

January 6, 2017

I have the traditional New Year’s Resolutions like everyone else.  Do I keep them?  Seldom. Most of the time it is because I make them too specific and unrealistic, to begin with.  But if one of your resolutions this year is to become more organized, then consider adding an online component to your “tidying up.”  Let’s look at a couple areas:

Personal Brand

Individuals don’t necessarily need to be looking for a new job to have a LinkedIn account. (I know LinkedIn makes me a little crazy too).  Companies that want to do business with you and yours (especially larger ones), are interested in knowing about the backgrounds and skills of the contact people and principles that they are considering.  With one look at your LinkedIn Profile, what do they see?  Incomplete? Your current company and position not listed?  Not updated for 5 years?  No profile photo?

This is networking here, discrete looks at your profiles go undetected for follow-up opportunities or offers of assistance to your new client with a connection of yours…completely missed.

Your Company

Over the years we have written several articles in this blog about managing online profiles/business listings.  The last one I wrote is here and gives the nuts and bolts on how a company may manage that process.  It is critical that there is access to these accounts, has the person that set them up left the company?  Have you changed computer systems that “stored” the passwords?

An annual check-up of these things takes effort, the effort to not do it is far more time consuming and often damage control. This is a business who’s brand you have worked so hard to build.  It may feel invisible because it is online but it is very visible to those looking at the business from the outside – your potential client, existing client or the news media with a new reporter.

Resolution for 2017?

  • Make the time.
  • Do it this week.






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