3 ways to ramp up your Twitter account

March 26, 2017

TwitterDon’t Tweet? If you haven’t created a twitter handle – do it.  Forgo the “auto prompt” guidance that Twitter gives you to following  a bunch of celebrities. Make sure you have a consistent profile of your business – perhaps something you pulled from your website.  The Avatar can be a logo or a photo representation of your business. Then go hunting,  follow your fellow business owners, follow your kids, follow their school, follow your town and city if they have account.  AND definitely – FOLLOW your media.

Maybe you do Tweet but haven’t in a while, consider getting back to basics:

1.  The New Press Room uses Twitter

Media has downsized so much, often a reporter may go from one stop to another without even going back to the studio/newsroom.  There are not enough reporters to go around and this is your businesses way to connect with them.  Around these parts, we have new reporters all the time.  Take advantage of it.  See them on the TV find out their Twitter handle and send them a @ message (Direct Messages may feel creepy), welcome them to town.  Tell them abut the best pizza restaurant, good place to get their oil changed or coffee spot or gym.  Welcome them to town!  As a business owner, you do that all the time, just try using Twitter to do it. 

2.  Connect on Twitter

Build your connections!  Having a twitter account without connections is like shouting into a canyon – nobody knows where you are!  The whole point of Twitter is to interact with people.  Learn about them and tell them about you.  Pass on your favorite ice-cream stand opening for the season. Doesn’t everyone love ice cream?  If you are feeling really adventurous, take a photo at the event and upload it to your Twitter feed.  But that is only if you are feeling adventurous.

3.  Retweet  “RT”

Retweeting is a great way to connect with someone you may not know.  Also, you are probably following some brilliant and creative people and things from people you like.  If the Chamber of Commerce or one of your fellow businesses is doing something interesting and fun- “RT” it,  Simple.  You can also put a little of your own thoughts before the RT.  

Don’t forget the old way of doing things but trying something new that the media uses themselves is a great way to get your coverage.  Faxing and emailing press releases is OK but runs the risk of being in a SPAM folder or at the bottom and getting lost.

If everyone’s head is bowed and looking at their cell phones they may as well be seeing YOU!


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